Understanding Your Divorce Options

Our family law attorneys at Southpark Family Law want you to know you have options about how to separate and divorce. During our consultation with you, we will talk a lot about the options available to you — starting with having a kitchen table discussion with your spouse all the way to protracted litigation, and everything in between. With over thirty years of combined experience, our attorneys have seen it all and will be able to walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of all options available to you.

The “Kitchen Table” Divorce

Many times, a client comes to Southpark Family Law with a general framework of how they and their spouse have decided to resolve all issues. Our attorney is asked, after a consultation, to draft a negotiated settlement agreement. Southpark Family Law attorneys are always happiest when someone comes to our office with the essentials of an agreement already worked out with the other spouse. Making decisions together means that you have likely gotten to the stage where you and your spouse can deal with each other civilly and in a way that is best for your family.

Collaborative Divorce

Other times, a client comes to Southpark Family Law without a verbal agreement but with a firm desire to maintain civility with the other spouse as they work through issues. The attorneys at Southpark Family Law are committed to what is formally known as the Collaborative process, where both spouses work with their attorneys to make an agreement to treat each other with respect and avoid court. These are clients who recognize the importance of keeping private matters out of the courtroom. They also know, as do our attorneys, that while divorce ends a marriage, it does not need to destroy your family. Our attorneys are trained in this process and will discuss it as an option with you during your consultation.

Divorce Mediation

Yet another way to resolve issues is to engage a neutral who facilitates a resolution for you and your spouse through a process called mediation. We have attorneys at Southpark Family Law who are certified mediators with the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and can work with you and your spouse to mediate issues. Our attorneys know that mediation is sometimes an effective way to resolve issues outside of the courtroom and can help you decide whether mediation is the right choice for your situation. Using a neutral third party to assist you and your spouse with resolving issues allows you to remain in the driver’s seat throughout the process. You can attend mediation with or without an attorney. If you choose to have an attorney with you, we are happy to support and advise you through the mediation process.


Arbitration is another option available for resolving issues. If you and your spouse are unable to reach decisions on your own, an arbitrator can make a decision for you. The arbitration process loosely works like it would if you were in court; however, the individual presiding over the matter is a family law attorney, rather than a judge. Our attorneys can discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of engaging in this process to resolve your issues surrounding your separation and divorce.


Finally, the option most people are familiar with — litigation — is always available to you. At Southpark Family Law, we believe litigation is not an ideal way of resolving your disputes, but we recognize it may be necessary to go to court to protect your rights in some situations. Our attorneys will discuss this option with you, as well as the likely timeline you will face with protracted litigation.

You have many options for resolving separation and divorce issues. Our attorneys at Southpark Family Law are here to help you understand those options before you make final decisions about the path you want to take. We invite you to contact Southpark Family Law to schedule a consultation and to learn more about divorce options in North Carolina.