Why Choose Us

You have a lot of attorneys to choose from in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Why should you choose Southpark Family Law?

The choice of an attorney is a deeply personal one. Not all attorneys have the same approach to practice. Your attorney’s philosophy shapes the guidance she gives you and the way she advocates for you; different attorneys may cause your case to unfold in very different ways. It is important to make sure that you and your attorney have the same notion of what “success” means in your case.

You should feel comfortable with your attorney and you should trust her. More than most areas of law, in family law, it is essential that there be a good “fit” between attorney and client. Learn why clients choose Southpark Family Law, and refer their friends and family to us.

We are focused on families.

At Southpark Family Law, working with families is all we do. We understand the reality that marriages end, but families never do—they only change. Many divorce attorneys are focused on ending the marriage, whatever that takes. We are focused on helping families navigate the changes that divorce brings.

Divorce closes one chapter in a family’s life, but it opens another. We are committed to equipping you and your children for that next chapter. That means standing up for you and advocating for your needs, while avoiding unnecessary hostility and expense that will make it harder for you to move forward.

We see you as a person—not as a problem.

When you need an attorney, you are already under a great deal of stress. You may be grieving the life you expected to live, fearful about an uncertain future, worried for your kids, angry at your spouse. At Southpark Family Law, we understand that your case involves legal and financial problems that must be resolved. But we never lose sight of the big picture: how those issues affect you, your life, and your children.

Resolving conflict involves your attorney meeting you where you are and listening to you, educating you about the legal process, and empowering you to resolve your dispute in a way that works for you and your family. We treat you the way we would want to be treated: with respect, patience, honesty, and compassion.

We have the experience needed to advise and advocate.

Part of the reason that divorce and family law disputes are stressful is because they are usually unfamiliar. Knowing what to expect and how to evaluate your options is important.

As attorneys who practice exclusively in the area of family law and estate matters, we have the years of practice experience necessary to serve as your guides to the legal process. We will help you understand how the process is likely to unfold, what your options are, and what the probable outcome of those choices will be. The decisions are yours, but you will be able to make them confidently, with the support and advocacy of attorneys who have helped to successfully resolve many family disputes.

We do divorce differently.

Traditionally, divorce has been an adversarial process that often turned even amicable spouses into bitter opponents by the time it was over. In addition, a contentious litigated divorce tends to be costly, using valuable resources that could be better devoted to your family’s needs. Many people still think that litigation is their only option. We know a better way.

Southpark Family Law offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options like family mediation and Collaborative divorce. These processes focus on achieving a win-win resolution to your dispute rather than pitting you against your spouse. Staying out of court typically leads to greater satisfaction with both the process and the outcome; preserves a respectful relationship between you and your spouse; and puts control over your divorce in YOUR hands, not a judge’s. Our attorneys are trained in ADR processes so that we can help you achieve your goals without sacrificing your dignity and relationships.

To learn more about Southpark Family Law and learn whether working with us is right for you, please contact our law office.