Child Custody and Child Support

We know nothing is more important to you than the welfare and best interest of your children. The attorneys at Southpark Family Law also know the importance of a healthy co-parenting relationship. One aspect of that co-parenting relationship is the responsibility each of you has to financially provide for your children.

Child custody and child support issues often evoke deep emotion. The attorneys at Southpark Family Law are here to support you through this delicate process of developing a parenting schedule for your children and determining the appropriate amount of financial support to be paid.

Understanding North Carolina Child Custody

Child custody in North Carolina is broken into two areas — legal custody and physical custody. As you might have guessed, legal custody addresses decision-making concerning major, long term issues for your children. These issues may include decisions about education, religion, non-emergency medical treatment and the like. Ideally, it is best for children that their parents make these decisions together, and that has been the preference of North Carolina courts for some time. Our attorneys will help you understand these issues and help you explore your options for making these important decisions for your children.

Physical custody, on the other hand, relates to creating a parenting schedule that provides for the children to be with each parent based on your family’s needs and interests. That schedule is typically dependent on work schedules, school schedules, holidays, and activities the children participate in regularly. Our attorneys will help you understand these issues as well so you can make informed decisions about an appropriate parenting plan.

Our attorneys are great listeners and will provide empathy and respect to you at all times, but especially when talking with you about your children. During a consultation with one of our attorneys, you will hear about options for determining an appropriate parenting schedule specific to your family’s needs and interests. The attorney will also discuss the options available to you for establishing child support.

North Carolina Child Support Determinations

Most of the time, child support will be determined once you have reached an agreement related to the parenting schedule. In most cases, there is a formula the state of North Carolina uses to determine support. But, in some cases, the formula may not apply. Generally, child support is based on the gross monthly income of both parents. The formula also provides for you to include expenses for medical insurance, work-related childcare, and other extraordinary expenses.

Charlotte Child Custody and Support Attorneys

Our attorneys at Southpark Family Law will speak with you about your child custody and support needs and will guide you through every step of the legal process. While the calculations involved in support are numbers-based, our attorneys never lose sight of the families who are affected by the calculation.

Our attorneys will work closely with you throughout the process of establishing child custody and support, empowering you to make decisions that are right for your family. We invite you to contact Southpark Family Law to schedule a consultation and to learn more about child custody and child support in North Carolina.