Estate Planning and Administration

You can’t control the future, but you can and should prepare for it by creating an estate plan designed for your family’s unique needs. As your life evolves, your estate plan may need to change, too; it’s important to work with attorneys who can help you anticipate and navigate those changes. At Southpark Family Law, we are here to advise you and help you keep your estate plan updated throughout all the seasons of your life.

Estate Administration

Estate administration refers to the court-supervised process of managing and distributing a deceased person’s estate, also known as probate. It can also include a trustee’s distribution of trust assets after the death of the trust’s creator. Es… Read More

Estate Planning

The attorneys at Southpark Family know that estate planning means more than simply preparing a will for our clients. Estate planning is about ensuring that our clients, and their families, are prepared to meet whatever the future holds. No one wants… Read More